Chief Marketing Officer / Marketing Director

Ryan Morales

For over 25 years, Ryan has been a leader in the marketing world. From working with the Entertainment Industry to working side by side with the FBI to keep people’s money safe, Ryan’s marketing strategy has always been bold and loud but it must be simple enough for an 8-year-old to understand the campaign. Ryan calls Clermont Florida home with his wife Tammy and their two young girls Leilani and Anika. 

I believe in a Future Forward World. We must always remain conscious about the effects of our actions in this world. My methods take this into account and I capture the essence of the marketing campaign through the beauty of emotion in media. 

My mission is to create things that have a lasting impression on people. I like to storytell in my work and make it resonate with people in a way that they can relate. 

To work with a good company that has room for success & is willing to grow with me. A company that worries about it’s employees and treats them right. 

Race: Latino & Indigenous American
Height: 6’3″
Age: 45
Married: Tammy Morales
Children: Leilani and Anika

Marketing and Business Consulting Expert

Over 25 Years
of Experience

Smart and fun are how I view my marketing techniques and the way I view my life. We must love what we do to do it right. Marketing is my love and it comes naturally to me. I look forward to putting my skills to the test with a new company that can help me grow further. I want to be part of a winning team. 

Where I have Worked

Proud to have served at:

I have spent my whole life helping businesses market their goods and services through my marketing methods.  From Grass Roots and Guerilla Marketing to Traditional Corporate Marketing methods are all part of Ryan’s strategy to success. 

VP/ Marketing Director


Business and Marketing Consulting Firm in Clermont FL


•Business consulting, Digitial Marketing, Proximity Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, and Out of box ideas to help small to medium size businesses grow.

•Political Consultants and Brand advisors for candidates in Florida.

•Kept up with current marketing trends and advertisements

•Analyze sales numbers vs marketing budget in order to find the profit margin and which campaigns were most effective

•Design and develop marketing strategies, materials, and websites for clients

•Create and maintain a successful brand and imagery for clients

•Precision Agriculture Network System design and installation



Cybersecurity firm responsible for Mortgage Fraud Prevention. 


•Collaborated with other executives to make high-level decisions regarding the budget and the direction of the company

•Created and maintained a successful brand and image that attracts customers to our service

•Researched competitors to stay current with similar services on the market

•Reviewed current marketing trends and advertisements to determine the effectiveness of different styles and strategies

President/ Lead Designer

RM2 Project

Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Shop, & Custom Gear Firm in Miami Beach and Celebration


•Kept up with current marketing trends and advertisements

•Work with both the Design team and marketing to complete tasks on time for clients

•Design and develop marketing strategies, materials, and websites for clients

•Create and maintain successful brands and imagery for clients

•Manage Print items and customized gear all done in house


Whet Magazine

Print and Online Entertainment and Music Magazine firm located in Miami Beach


  • Published print and online magazine on a bi-monthly basis
  • Sourced and wrote articles for the publication
  • Edited Images and created the concept for the magazine
  • Lead the print team for timely production
  • Lead a team of photographers and videographers
  • Content creation for the online version
  • Coordinated B2B sales with clients

My Skills

I have spent 25+ years refining my craft.

Through experience, we learn to make ourselves better. Every day you must learn something new to make yourself invaluable to those around you. I believe when you love what you do, it will help you grow and help those around you grow more. 


Leadership is key to the success of any company and Ryan’s ability to lead has always made him shine. From the Football field to the Corporate office, Ryan’s leadership skills have grown and continue to grow on a daily basis. 

Business Consulting

Finding problems can sometimes be difficult. Ryan’s ability to pinpoint problems fast and come up with solutions right away is important to his success.  

Marketing Strategizing

This is what excites Ryan the most. The planning and strategizing of a marketing campaign really is fun to him and comes naturally. His methods make it easy to achieve the goals.


Your logo is one of the key components of your brand and making sure it’s recognizable is my duty.

Web & Graphic Design

It all started back in 1997, Ryan learned about the basic building blocks for the internet and took it from there. Now, a full-fledged Graphic and Web Designer with over 20 years of Adobe software experience.

SEO/ Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing are one of Ryan’s strongest skills. With a passion for all things marketing, Ryan really shows you how good he is through his online marketing methods.

A/V Production

From Music to Video, Ryan has you covered. Since 1988, Ryan has been involved in a professional music career and a well-known producer. Video and Music are just other forms of marketing for Ryan. 


Macromedia Flash is how it all started with basic shapes to now working with AI and making movie magic come to life. Ryan has experience with programming and animating for over 25 years.

PR/ Press Release

PR work is important to help keep your brand recognizable. Ryan is a great writer with a journalism background published across several publications. 

Live Speaking / Presenting

From Social Media Trends to speaking about local community matters, Ryan is very comfortable addressing large groups and keeping them energized throughout his presentations. 

My Work

Projects I have poured my heart into

My hands-on approach to my projects keeps me in control of the details that matter the most to the success of the campaign.


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